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The Washington DC Address to Zip Code Converter

Enter a Washington DC street address here.

Welcome to WashingtonDCZipCode.com. The site is the home of the DC street address to zip code converter.

It is important to note that there isn’t just one zip code for the entire city of Washington DC. People search the Internet looking for a zip code for DC but you should know it is a big city and there are a lot of zip codes. In order to find the correct one simply enter a street address for which you wish to find the code into the converter above this text.

Once an address is entered, you should see a map of that address and the zip code where the address resides. The conversion should provide the zip plus four in addition to the normal zipcode.

After the code has been retrieved you may view statistics and resources in that zip code such as crime statistics, free wifi hotspots and hotels. You can drill down in the data to get specific locations.

You may also acquire demographics for each zip by clicking on the its listing on the right side of this page. You will also notice a listing of the nearest cross section to the street address entered and the name of the neighborhood if available.

This zip convertor works if you know the street address of the location for which you need a specific code. But, what happens if you only have a general idea of the area for which you need a code but do not have a specific street address? If this describes your situation then you might want to visit this site’s map page to find the code on a map of the Dc area. This site links to maps of all of the different Washington DC zipcodes. These maps show the location of each zip and its boundaries.

Do you have feedback? Let us know what other features and data you would like to see on this site. For example, would you use a zip code +4 converter? Email admin@washingtondczipcode.com with your suggestions.

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